Commercial Broker


My Name is Tevi D. Lawson

I’m a Commercial Real Estate Broker with Polaris Realty, one of the most innovative and result oriented real estate firms in Florida. I am also a proud member of the Pinellas REALTOR® Organization / PRO. My passion for real estate was ignited by the breathtaking beauty of our coastal communities.

I specialize in Coastal real estate and most of my work revolves around Multifamily properties and Boutique Hotels.

Among other things, I’ve been an award-winning sales executive, a bilingual account manager in the Tech industry and Founder of a digital marketing agency that services corporate clients across the nation.

Born in Belgium to West African parents, I’ve had the privilege of living on three continents and traveling to numerous countries around the world. In addition to English, I’m fluent in French and understand basic conversational Spanish. I also have a puppy-level knowledge of the Russian language mainly from eavesdropping on my wife’s conversations with the dogs.

All my life experiences and the multitude of skills acquired along the way allow me to be attentive, highly efficient, and helpful to my real estate clients on many levels.

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